Dorian Schafer was a dear friend, I was her care giver for 7 years. She loved colors, and I love her artistry; it was so much a part of who she was. She died in September of 2017.


Babydoll’s Merkaba

The Siren she said to me

Don’t be afraid to love Big Daddy

Bring it all home at Crunch time

When the artist smudges the oil paints

On her canvas and the goddess explodes forth

In waves of passion bleeding into Sun

Words so true, expressed from me to you

Oneness, the heart of all of Creation

Colors alive in the mystery of Now

A song of divine devotion is sung

Don’t be afraid to float the Gap

You are so inter-dimensional

And you are elegant, Grace & Beauty

And you are so cosmic & free

across all time & Space exponentially.

text by Eli



I do almost all of my sessions over the phone with the client, remotely by myself, or on Messenger of Skype etc with the client.


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