Spirited Clearings

The Orgin

Meg Hoopes originated these clearings. She had spent most of her life teaching and counseling from grade school through college. Then in the later part of her life she utilized the connection she had with spirit to put together the different clearings. She was a dynamic and extremely vibrant spirit. I was introduced to her teaching about a year and a half before she transitioned her human body. I participated in her conference calls. It didn’t take long before I was using the clearings and feeling results I hadn’t ever felt before in minimizing the fear in my life. I had used Muscle Response Therapy before, but with doing it during the clearings it was now a big part of my life. I slowly became confident of using it in all situations.

Meg had signed over the rights to her work to Ashtar on the Road. They asked me if I wanted to write the manual that Meg had started before she died. I said yes of course. Some of what Meg had written is in the book almost the same way I received it. Other parts, I felt, needed revising, not because of the way she had written it, but because the energy had changed since the time she wrote it. We felt that some of the clearings needed to be updated, because already there had been changes in the energy dynamics that we were clearing. Mother Sekhmet and Ashtar contributed valuable insights along with Susan, Fran, & Elise to the writing of the book. They convinced me that to write chapters, which conveyed that the clearings weren’t a one shot deal or a quick fix, but the foundation for living a heart centered lifestyle.

I did my best to convey that the negative programming is a complex system of mind control that is layered into a matrix, and that it is up to us to ensure that we are protected from negative programming by always being connected to creator/source. We advocate a heart centered life style, so that we may more easily rise up into the higher dimensions of our being. Love is the highest vibrational healing tool. Everything that promotes and expands unconditional, universal love in our lives helps us to more fully connect with creator/source and remember who we are. This raises the level of consciousness throughout the All That Is.

Spreading & expanding this quality of love is perhaps the single most beneficial thing we can do with our lives at this time. When we do the clearings we remove the barriers that the AI designed to prevent us from being balanced inside of the 4 bodies (Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Bodies) of our being, and connecting to creator/source inside of our heart centers. This makes the higher frequencies of love & light available to us. Susan, who was the Voice for the Mentors, got me a couple of clients to do the clearings with, and I picked up some on my own. I began to feel Meg’s presence when I was doing them. I realized that is necessary to go to the originating lifetime of the negative programs to cut them out at the root, so that they can be completely eliminated. I felt that it was helpful to come up with a story about what the originating lifetime was like for the client, so they could gain insights about the dynamics that came into play then. Many clients are able to see that the same patterns in that lifetime are present in this current one of theirs also.

Mary Magdalene

Spirited Clearings Negative Program Removal