Ho O Pono Pono

Ho O Pono Pono


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Julie Daly Cottonwood AZ

I am really grateful about the spiritual healing work that Eli has done with me during an extended period of time. It has felt that I have been doing a deep healing of issues I have been carrying around with me from lifetime to lifetime with his help. Many negative programs have been removed and their energy has been transmuted. The result is that I feel more secure; and I don´t feel the weight of that past patterns, because they were cleaned with this kind of method. The openness of his disposition toward me while he has been working with me has been very helpful to me. It is always a pleasure for me to experience the feelings of harmony while I’m doing these healing sessions. And always at the end of it, I notice that the loads of density that I had are no more with me. I feel lighter after doing sessions with him. So I am very thankful of the all this work he had done with me. I have felt so much caring and a sense of compassionate love in doing the Spirited Clearings.Eli himself brings an additional dimension to the healing because he has done the work on himself and this brings more clarity to the session, to the personal interaction and to the removals.


Sis Evalyn Locke UK

I can't say enough regards what u did for me..I went from shaking with fear and crying on and off all day not sleeping and just about losing my mind which came on one night out of the blue..to being back to normal ..I tell people I went into my bedroom to talk the call with you in a terrible state and came back out of the room back to normal...my husband was shocked I was over joyed...you removed some bad shit from me and I will be forever grateful...


Keiki, international artist/designer, Heart's Power: Spiritual healer

The work Eli does with his team is truly amazing! He creates a safe, sacred space for meticulous, deep clearing of lifetimes of patterning and programming and oodles of other things that he sees to help us with our Spiritual Clearing! Eli gets to the original root of the cause for our true cleansing and healing. He is special, kind, generous and much much more.I am a Spiritual healer as well, with my guides working through me in my own unique way, and what I can say about Eli is that he is the Healer of Healers.Thank-you Eli for doing this important work and for being here on our Beloved Mother Earth in these transformative times assisting us with our Ascension of All of Humanity, our Mother Earth and Beyond!


Jody Fabrikant Upstate New York

Eli is intuitive, open-hearted, compassionate and has complete integrity. He also has a unique gift for past life clearing work. He is thus able to get to the root of the negative program by zero-ing in on what happened in the originating lifetime, which results in a deeper clearing. The spirited clearings are a direct and integral way to remove negative programming and also remove other patterns that we are all walking around with that impede our journey. Eli is also lots of fun to work with because he is present, honest and personable. I highly recommend spirited clearing work with Eli.

Irene Carrascosa Valencia,Spain

Eli's spirited clearings are profound because they genuinely clear. They take out the negative programs and transmute the energy, making one feel lighter, free-er and clearer. Eli himself brings an additional dimension to the healing because he has done the work on himself and this brings more clarity.



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